I’m not sure how to describe something that was never going to be a thing, and very well may not remain a thing. Perhaps I should have thought this all through a lot more before beginning a wannabe blog, but if I had given it much thought, I never would have sat down and started.

This name is an ode to the shouts and whispers we hear that get us both to and through today, tomorrow, or That One Year (no, not necessarily 2016). Sometimes we hear these shouts and whispers from someone /somewhere else or within our own minds. Sometimes (often?) we ignore them completely. Hey, cheers to free will.

My greatest whisper came from a kid I love who asked me a simple question and changed my life in that moment, without any clue. Soon after, that whisper became a shout. I’m not going to write about that here, and maybe I never will anywhere. While I don’t know what this thing is, it’s certainly not intended to be my online diary. So what is it? To be determined.

The fact of the matter is, I talk a lot (and at varying decibels) and love to tell people what to do. So perhaps this will be my new medium in which I get to do just that, and a chance for you to tell me what to do as well (like stop all of this, immediately). Odds are, no one will read it and I can look back, laugh at myself, and cringe. The reality is, I’ve been through & done worse things in life than given up on a wannabe blog.

Disclaimer –

The bad news: I will not have any recipes for you. (Sorry.)

The good news: I will not try to sell you anything. (You’re welcome.)

So, let’s see what the heck this thing becomes…or doesn’t.